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parts-center - Kühlsystem Diagnose Service Satz

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parts-center - Kühlsystem Diagnose Service Satz



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Kühlsystem- und Vakuum-Abdruck und Prüfgeräte-Satz
Passend für nahezu alle gängigen Fahrzeugtypen. Pumpe, Temperaturmesser und Kühleradapter übersichtlich im Koffer angeordnet.

Messbereich 0-2,5 bar (Toleranz +/- 2%)"


#0: Thermometer

#1: Pressure Testing Pump With Gauge (gauge reading from 0~35 ps)

#2A: Black connector available for radiator cap No.3 (R123) and No.4 (R124)

#2A: Blue connector available for radiator cap No.3(R123) and No.5 (R125)

#3: Mercedes (W123. W126. W124. W201). GM (Buick). Jeep

#4: Peugeot, Subarn, Chrysler, Acura, GM (Nova, Spectrum, Sprint), Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Infiniti, GEO, Suzuki, Isuzu, Mercedes

#5: Honda, Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Acura

#6: Mercedes Benz (ML-class. W163. W164), GM (Achiva. Skylark. Grand Am 1992~2002)

#7: Volvo, Saab, Sterling, Citroen, Renault, Fiat, Alfa, Jeep

#8: VW (Vento. T4. Passat-1996. Golf. Beetle. Sharan)

#9: Audi (A4. A5. A6), BMW345, VW (Passat-1997~2002), Porsche (Cayenne)

#10: BMW (E46. E36. E39. E38. E32. E90)

#11: Audi. VW

#12: Ford Mondeo. International. Land Rover. Opel. Jaguar. Sangyoung motor

#13: Mercedes (C-class. E-class. S-class. W140. W220. W124. W210. W211. W215. W216. W221. R230)

#14: Ford Mondeo, Focus, C-MAX03

#15: Mazda (M13)

#H: Handle"


Remove the original radiator cap while the engine is cold

Choose an test cap suiting the connection type onto the radiator. Screw the cap into the radiator, making sure that the rubber gasket has been placed correctly

Connect the pump to the test cap through the quick coupling on the hose end

Pump until pressure is approximately 10~15 psi. If the gauge pointer does not move for approximately 1 minute, the whole circuit is perfectly efficient; if it goes down, the circuit leaks, where water is discharged. If the gauge goes down and no fluid discharges can be located, check whether the engine head gasket is worn. (CAUTION: please avoid the pressure up to the 35 psi)

Finally, release pressure through the button next to the quick coupling, and put away the device, after removing any fluid or dirt


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