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Teroson Atmosit compact N
  • Teroson Atmosit compact N

TEROSON SI 9150 (12 stück x 75 ml)

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Teroson Atmosit-compact N

  • Spritzbare Feststoffdichtung
  • Abziehbar
  • Schwundfrei
  • Formbeständig
  • Beständig gegen Motorenöle und Frostschutzmittel
  • Atmosit-compact ist langsam vulkanisierend
  • Farbe: schwarz
  • Reinigung der Dichtflächen: Teroson FL+

  • VE: 12 stück ( 75 ml )
  • VE: 10 stück ( 310 ml )


  • Farbe: Schwarz
  • Basis: Silikon
  • Temperaturbestaendigkeit: -40 C bis +150 C


  • Abziehbar
  • Formbestaendig
  • Langsam vulkanisierend

Typische Anwendungen:
Bei Dicht flächen, die nicht auf Feststoffdichtungen ausgelegt sind. Vorzugsweise einzusetzen bei wieder zu lösenden Teilen wie Ventildeckelhauben, Thermostatgehäusedeckeln, Getriebewannen.

Atmosit-Compact is applied as a thin bead to one surface, the other surface is matched and srewed
according to regulations. The sealant is spread by pressing and thus fills all low points whereas some
points have metal-to-metal contact. Finally the sealant film cures to a rubber elastic gasket.
Matching of the parts should occur within 15 minutes unless a complete curing is desired. Heavier
skin formation can cause problems in a tight seal.
Matching of the parts can also be made after curing – assuming an even surface layer. In those cases
Atmosit-Compact will act as a gasket bonded to the substrate. Parts sealed in such a way can easily
be dismounted.
Atmosit-Compact can be directly applied from cartridges employing standard air or hand operated
guns. Teroson recommends the use of
– Teleskop Pistol Power-Line Art.-No. 141.84 S
– Teroson Staku Hand Pressure Pistol Art.-No. 167.65 Y
In the case of compressed air application a pressure of 2–5 bar is required.