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Kraftwerk Schweiz - Hightech Werkstattwagen mit 8 Schubladen
  • Kraftwerk Schweiz - Hightech Werkstattwagen mit 8 Schubladen
  • Kraftwerk Schweiz - Hightech Werkstattwagen mit 8 Schubladen
  • Kraftwerk Schweiz - Hightech Werkstattwagen mit 8 Schubladen


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Kraftwerk Schweiz - Hightech Werkstattwagen mit 8 Schubladen

Profi-Werkstattwagen mit 8 kugelgelagerten und einzeln verriegelbaren Schubladen, ohne Inhalt zur eigenen Bestückung.

Versandgewicht: 74,80 Kg



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Kraftwerk 3908 HIGHTECH Workshop trolley with 8 drawers without contents

The HIGHTECH workshop trolley with 8 full-extension drawers offers plenty of storage space for tools, machines and much more. The upper four drawers are best suited for tool inserts, the remaining four drawers are higher and also offer space for machines or other tools.

HIGHTECH workshop trolleys - for the stresses of everyday life

The HIGHTECH workshop trolleys are double-walled and therefore considerably more stable and loadable. The ABS working cover with storage compartments for small parts is also resistant to chemicals. The drawers slide on ball-bearing rails, are feather-light and can be operated by one finger. They can be pulled out over the entire length and are also removable. The drawers also remain securely locked during travel and open drawers can be pushed back even when the trolley is locked. Each handle strip has a labelling option. The high-performance wheels also have ball bearings and are easy to manoeuvre. One of the two steering wheels is equipped with a parking brake. The laterally projecting wheels of the wheel frame additionally increase the stability. The rubberised edge protection protects both the workshop trolley itself from dents and also, for example, vehicles that the workshop trolley could hit. The workshop trolley is centrally lockable.

The extensive range of accessories offers a wide variety of expansion options. Tools can be fitted with the COMPLETO tool inserts or the COMPLETO EVA3 tool foam inserts.

 8 ball-bearing and feather-light running full-extension drawers

 One-hand single drawer lock under the grip panel

 Grip strip with guide for individual labelling

 ABS working cover with storage compartments, resistant to chemicals

 Ball bearing mounted high-performance wheels with special lining and both swivel castors with touch roller brake

 Security central locking

Rubberized edge protection

Dimensions (WxDxH)

 5 drawers: 533 x 414 x 60 mm, load capacity 25 kg

 3 drawers: 533 x 414 x 110 mm, load capacity 30 kg

 About everything: 650 x 485 x 943 mm, load capacity 265 kg

weight: 70,0 kg

Parts Center vertritt die Marke KRAFTWERK

die sich nach Innovationen für eine effizientere Arbeitswelt setzt und den Schwerpunkt auf nachhaltige Lösungen anstrebt. Sie wissen, dass erst die Summe aus Material, Design, Gewicht, Haptik und Präzision das perfekte Werkzeug ergibt. Sie machen Handwerkerideen lebendig durch Technologie, Innovation und mit einem kompromisslosen Anspruch an die Leistungsfähigkeit.

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